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Couples Psychotherapy
What to expect:

There may be periods of time that are calm and you feel hopeful.
Maybe there are some ways you could learn to reconnect and appreciate each other again.

Other times, you feel disconnected or angry. You may feel lonely and confused. Are wondering if your expectations for a marriage are realistic?

Our culture does not teach any of us how to be married. What it does teach us is to make work, children, hobbies, friends, etc. the priority. Your marriage should behave on its own. That doesn’t work. We haven’t been taught that a good marriage needs to be cultivated.

Learning how to develop a really loving marriage is possible. It does take work and it’s worth it. Imagine feeling supported by your spouse as you head out for the day. Your spouse is your advocate, not your adversary. That is the potential. You can lean into each other and create a safe and loving harbor.

You will learn:

How to have conflict vs avoid sensitive topics or have the same fight over and over again and never get anywhere.

How to take care of each other by understanding each other differently.

How your brain impacts your marriage.

How to understand your emotions vs letting them run you and/or, letting some emotions make decisions for you. 
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