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Individual Psychotherapy
 You are ready for change, and you are tired of trying the same things repeatedly and getting the same result.

Feeling stuck, you are increasingly conscious that time is passing.
You want more fulfilling relationships, but you also have a way of giving up your power in order to maintain the relationships you have.

You frequently second guess yourself.

You no longer want to be governed by your story, by what others did to you, or did not provide; you want to move on.

You carry a persistent internal critic, leading you into a negative loop; it’s a downer and gets you nowhere but you can’t seem to get rid of it.

Others appear to move through life with greater fluidity, and you want some of that.

You have heard of living in the present, and have even experienced it yourself, briefly: you want more.

You are ready to become the architect of your own reality, to live in your truth, and stay connected to your value.

You want to feel creative again.
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